Riding Drag Membership

This membership includes all drag hunts during formal and cubbing seasons. Members are required to have a subscribing Membership with the MFHA ($35).

Aiken Hounds Hunting Member Options:

Drag Member Single – $1,700
Drag Member Couple – $2,300

Professional* Hunting with Member – $500

*pending master’s approval

Social Membership:

Our Social Members are invaluable to the club because of all they add to the personality and spirit of our hunt season. Social members receive invitations to all hunt events and are encouraged to attend our hunt breakfasts.

Social Member Options:

Single Social – $600
Couple Social – $1000


Riders are required to sign a release (via online registration), upload proof of negative coggins, and checkout online to pay their cap fee 24 hours prior to capping. We do limit capping to three (3) times per individual during our hunt season. If you are planning to cap more than 3 times consider joining us as a member. After submission the hunt secretary will contact you. 

Capping Options:

Cubbing Season – $50
Formal Season – Tuesdays $100
Formal Season – Saturdays $125

Juniors (25 & Under) on any day – Free Of Charge!

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